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The Story Rosa-Cardoza Farms

Heritage is often perceived as inheritance of material things handed down from one generation to another.   In the spirit of Rosa-Cardoza Farms, it is truly defined in terms of lineage and legacy. The Manual and Mary Cardoza family lines hail from the Azores region of Portugal. Ironically, the Azores, a series of 9 volcanic islands, is an autonomous region of Portugal physically located about 550 miles West of Portugal. They are well known for their strong agricultural, farming and fishing abilities. It is this instinctual agricultural and farming passion of our family lineage that resonates today with our olive business. Through our abundant love and care of the land, it is our innermost desire that we don’t just produce “another product,” but create a legacy that will continue to be respected and sought after for generations.

Manual and Mary started their journeys to the US at different times, and by some fate met and married in Northern California. They started their married lives together amongst other Portuguese in the city of Oakland, CA and eventually settled in San Leandro, CA in 1941.   While Manual became a blue collar worker to support his family, he never gave up on the agricultural heritage, and soon had a back yard full of fruit trees and vegetables. Mary would then get busy with her cooking and preserving of these fruits and vegetables, ensuring the family always had an ample supply.

It is this family heritage and lineage to which we are honoring our ancestors, who came before us with strong character, work ethic and a love for producing from the land.   Our distinction will not be about volume production but rather about genuine quality that comes from a dedicated love of producing and serving those with distinguished tastes that appreciate the finer qualities available.

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